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Georgia Deputy walks away with minor injuries
On behalf of the Jeff Davis County Sheriff's Office we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your product.
These are pictures of a wreck involving one of our Deputies during a chase. We strongly believe the push bumper absorbed a lot of the impact.
The Deputy walked away with minor cuts and bruises. We are greatful for your product and will continue to have them installed on every patrol vehicle.

Thank you ag...
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Idaho State Police - Benewah County
I’m the daughter of a law enforcement officer. For his father’s day we bought a set of push bumpers that wrapped around the front of his car.

I want to thank you. My dad was in a head-on collision on July 4th, 2012 late at night. He walked away with bumps, bruises, and some cuts, but he walked away. I believe that the push bumpers were the deciding factor.

Thank you. Thank you from my family.

Sincerely, ...
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Great testimonial from a very grateful officer
I just want to thank you for the great product you make. I truly believe the GO RHINO! push bumper installed on my 2011 Crown Victoria saved me from serious injury or death.

I was recently involved in a head on collision, where my vehicle was stationary and struck at a speed of about 50mph. My vehicle was totaled but I escaped with only a bump on the head and some sore muscles.

Thank you again from me and my family for helping...
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Chevrolet Police Demo Program
Go Rhino has been our primary push bumper of choice for all our upfit vehicles due to simple installation, durability and quality appearance. We look forward to the future of Chevrolet police fleet vehicles and upfitting them with your product. - Noel E. Clason Chevy Police Demo Program ...
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Push Bumper Saved my Life!
I have a 2000 Ford Crown Vic an ex-Police car. I also have a 1997 Ford Crown Vic in which I was in a head-on collision. Your Go Rhino! Push Bumper SAVED MY LIFE AND MY CAR! The car was repaired back to new condition. Everyone told me that the Go Rhino Push Bumper SAVED MY BUTT! The impact was at a speed of 45MPH. The other person’s car was totaled! SO THANK YOU, FOR BUILDING SUCH A FINE PUSH BUMPER!!!! - Kevin P. Henderson SR Glendale, AZ ...
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Ridgecrest P.D.
"During a crash of one the patrol vehicles in my fleet. The officer was running code, to back another officer who was in pursuit. As the officer driving this vehicle attempted to turn left, the tail came out from under the unit and it hit a guide wire of a telephone pole at a high rate of speed. Moving at a speed of approximately 40 mph, the vehicle then center-punched the telephone and came to a sudden stop. The Go Rhino! Push Bumper installed o...
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Nevada Highway Patrol
I have installed the Go Rhino Skid Plates on the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors Nevada Highway Patrol built on last years models and I have had a year to evaluate the performance on the skid plates.I have inspected the skid plates after a year and the skid plates have protected the under carriage from rocks and other road debris that would have damaged the radiators, steering rack, front cross member and cooling lines. The skid plat...
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Go Rhino! Push Bumper Minimizes Damage from Collision with Deer
Early this morning Columbia County Sheriff’s Office experienced our first “save” with the Go Rhino push bumpers. One of my patrol deputies was responding in emergency mode to a burglar alarm at a local business. While enroute to the call at a high rate of speed the patrol car collided with a deer. The Go Rhino minimized the amount of damage caused by the impact....
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Clare County Sheriff Dept.
I am with the Clare County Sheriff Department, and I need to thank you for making a great product. You see, I think having your push-bar helped save my life in a crash I had last week. I think the braces going from the push-bar to the strut towers made all the difference. We had got struck by a car, and then we struck a tree. By the time we got to the tree, the air bags were deflated, and I needed something to absorb the energy coming my way. It ...
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